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Automatic peanut oil press operation
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Automatic peanut oil press operation:

  1, to meet the requirements of the pretreatment process: before the embryo into the virgin material must undergo pretreatment process, the pre-press quality will directly affect the normal work and oil yield. Different oils have different requirements for pretreatment process, but mainly includes the following items:

  (1) clean up. Into the plant's oils contain some impurities, if not careful cleaning, will accelerate the press inside the mechanical wear and tear, lower oil yield, and even cause malfunctions and accidents. Its supporting equipment: cleaning sieve, stone machine, magnetic separator and so on.

  (2) crushing. Some oils can be squeezed into a monolith, but after the break, and then press flaking, can significantly improve the oil yield. Its supporting equipment: crushers, flaking machines.

  (3) steaming and roasting. Steaming and roasting is an important part of improving the rate of oil, commonly used method is the first oil wetting, and then by dry frying pan to make the oil reach into juice moisture and temperature process requirements, and its supporting equipment: steaming wok, Broiling pan.

  (4) peel. For shelled oil, then squeeze should peel, this can increase the production capacity and the oil yield. Its supporting equipment: Sheller, separation sieve, separating machines.

  2, peanut oil press installed correctly: Before installation, respond to the new purchase of peanut oil press to conduct a thorough clean-up. Out of the spindle, lifted the squeeze cage, outer surface with emery cloth pressing screw, screw feeders inner surface and polished smooth. All lubrication lubrication, gearbox oil added, the species and grades shall conform to the requirements of the instructions. After sanding smooth circular row, when installed must be arranged according to the original location, can not be misplaced, because the circular arrangement row position and order of crushing performance great relationship. After the round with a compression nut installed row compression, compression degree to disk when the oil extraction can squirm appropriate. Press after the above process, can be fixed with anchor bolts in the foundation. During installation, the motor pulley and press the pulley should align moderate position, rotate the right direction, the tightness of the belt should be adjusted appropriately.



  3, the use of peanut oil press, oil press before use, first of all should be ready aids and containers, check and adjust the belt tightness. Then start the motor, the machine idling about 15min, check the speed of pressing screw shaft. Generally the speed should be around 33dmin. Do you want to pay attention to when the idle gear box gear meshing and sound normal, whether the individual bearing parts and motor properly. When the press idling motor current should be around 3A. Such as the current is too high, you should immediately stop checks, adjustments and then boot. After the load is normal, around 50kg ready rapeseed or soy, ready to put into the hopper.

  Note: When you press the feed can not start too fast, otherwise the sudden increase in pressure within the chamber virgin, virgin not turn the screw shaft, causing blockage virgin bore, and even squeeze cage fracture, a major accident. So at the beginning of compression, the feed should be evenly slowly into the hopper, so press were run together. So repeatedly, continuing more than 3 ~ 4h, so press the temperature gradually increased, and even take smoke (which is normal). At the start of the press virgin bore temperature is low, slowly twist the handle on withered section stud, increase the thickness of the cake, while improving water into juice billet, the chamber temperature to be squeezed. Rose to about 90 ℃, the normal operation after the press can be adjusted to the cake thickness 1.5 ~ 2.5mm, and tighten the nut tightened. During operation should always check out the press cake cases and controls billet is neither too high nor too low moisture. Normal should be a flaky pie, side by pressing screw shaft is smooth, the other side has a lot of hair pattern. Such as a loose cake weakness, or a cake shapeless, darker color, hand pinch Serve fragments, indicating that add little water blanks; such as the cake soft, flaky larger increase, or the oil bubble, Minga is to say too much water. Under normal circumstances, no residue or very little between rounds row slag, slag in the row at the bar, such as slag was fine flake Description more water, the less water then the powder residue. In addition, the position of the oil changes can be squeezed out of the water to see whether it is suitable when the water is too high or too low when pressed, the position of the oil were moved back.

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