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Extraction equipment

Heat conduction oil frying pan
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  Heat conduction oil frying pan steaming and frying can make oilseed cell structure destroy completely , dispersion of free oil gathering; Clotting protein denaturation, combined with state oil exposure; Heat conduction oil frying pan phospholipids swell; Reduce oil viscosity, surface tension. As a result, the heat conduction oil frying pan evaporate and promote the condensation of grease, is advantageous to the oil flow, to improve the yield efficiency provides a guarantee.

  Heat conduction oil frying pan steaming and frying can make oil internal structure change, its plasticity, elastic properly adjusted, it is essential to the system of squeeze oil. The organizational structure of the machine oil properties directly affect the oil operation and effect.

  Henan First machinery specializing in the production of heat conduction oil frying pan, oil press, oil refining equipment, welcomed the consultation of choose and buy.

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