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Extraction equipment

negative evaporater
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  The mixture was filtered after the pump into the first evaporator, a portion of the solvent was distilled off, the concentration of the mixed oil from 18% to 30% -20% -35%. And then into the second evaporator, the oil concentration of the mixture was further increased to 95%, and finally fed to the stripper is stripped of residual solvent to obtain a crude rice bran oil.

  Vacuum evaporation advantages:




  1, the evaporation temperature is low, the secondary steam utilization, can greatly reduce the steam consumption;

  2, leaching the color of light crude oil, good quality, you can reduce refining consumption;

  3, exhaust gas treatment process improvement, can greatly reduce solvent consumption;

  4, condensate load is relatively reduced heat transfer efficiency, reducing the required heat transfer area, you can save investment.

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