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6 YL- 180 cold hot screw press
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  6 yl - 180 type cold hot amphibious multifunctional screw press is a new hot and cold dual-use multifunctional screw press is the company's newly developed products, machine for soybean, peanut, tea seed, sesame, canopy, rapeseed, cottonseed, sesame seed oil, corn germ most of the material, machine set infrared heating, automatic temperature control and fine filtration system as a whole, the machine USES the multi-stage crushing technology, the squeeze net again, are squeezed out of the raw material into the machine's net oil, we can eat them, suitable for small oil, used oil mill is pressing now selling and processing, convenient operation, high efficiency. Working principle: Oil mill run, processed oil from the hopper into the pressing chamber.By pressing the spiral turn make the material in the embryo to advance, to squeeze.Because the material embryo in oil press in the bore of the press is in motion, under the condition of pressing chamber pressure, fodder and squeezer, embryo and had a great frictional resistance between pressing chamber, so you can make friction between embryo micro material, resulting in relative motion.On the other hand, due to squeezer root diameter is gradual enlargement of pitch is gradually reduce, so when squeezer turns, thread and material embryo that will move forward, can flip outward again, close to the material layer on the surface of the press screw thread at the same time also with pressing shaft rotation.

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