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6 YY - 230 new hydraulic oil press
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  New hydraulic oil press, 6 yy - 230 type is modified on the basis of the introduction of similar foreign products design.Easy to use, easy operation, high yield efficiency, it is for press sesame seeds, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pine seed, tea seed, such as professional equipment of oil crops. The machine is to add after reducing fuel directly to squeeze out of the oil cylinder, a simple and quick, direct flow processes of pure tendency not to attend a, under the user see about a few minutes to processing of refined oil products, let customers eat the rest assured.Sesame, peanut, walnut, almond region is the ideal oil press.

  Working principle:

  1, this machine is the main components are transmission case, hydraulic cylinder, piston, pillar, activity on the top and the base, cylinder, distribution box, pressure gauge and automatic temperature control device to this, the machine adopts 45 # steel and 27 simn steel forging pieces of high quality metal materials, such as to improve the performance and life of the machine.

  2, hydraulic transmission components: main hydraulic components are made from transmission and worm, turbine, crankshaft, high-pressure pump, gear pump, check valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pipe and other components.My company also combined with the internal and external advanced technology to improve and become three plunger hydraulic pump station, high efficiency, stable pressure, the pressure, spiral, high temperature resistant, can work continuously, after the market has won the new and old customers consistent high praise.

  Three main parts, hydraulic double cylinder: cylinder is made of hydraulic cylinder, piston, cylinder gland, hex socket screw, oil seal (imported polyurethane material, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, can be use for a long time), the characteristics of the hydraulic double cylinder is to rely on oil pump oil into the oil cylinder makes the piston force rapidly rising, falling fast, time is short, high efficiency, high degree of automation, without having to worry about the problem such as air cylinder, don't want to similar products at home and abroad since the fall of the oil cylinder of the hydraulic oil in a short time too thick, especially in winter is more serious, oil seal aging, cause the oil cylinder for a long time since the fall, not need to use hammer, artificial plate bar down to slow down, the need to change a few times a year the hydraulic oil, so hard, work, time consuming, and even make the machine does not affect normal use.Therefore, our company developed hydraulic double cylinder used in thick easy operation, fast, time saving, high efficiency. Electric control is by the voltmeter, micro point temperature controller, electric contact pressure gauge, contactor, relay, infrared heating tube, click on the element composition and so on.

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